I had two favorite cartoons "The Far Side" and Bizzaro. "The Far Side" may be gone but "Bizzaro" remains.

Think you're smart? Take the original densa quiz, see just how smart you are!

OK, so you may be smart, think you have what it takes to be evil? Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to joining the Forces of Darkness.

Then there is news. Can't get enough news? First, there is America's finest news source - The Onion. And, for serious, depending on how you define serious, news there is the Weekly World News. With headlines like "ALIEN BUSTED FOR DUI" you know it must not be taken lightly.

If you think you've seen it all, think again. For all of you who can't help themselves and rubber-neck at accidents here is a site for you. Rotten.

At a loss for words and looking for a new way to express your thoughts? Try the Dialectizer for a new way to say what's on your mind.

It's low tide in the gene pool and they're giving out prizes. Darwin Awards.

After you get through reading "The Art of War" see what the business world is really like at the Dilbert Zone.

Now here is someone with too much time on his hands and parody on his mind. Dumbentia

If You Don't Get It... We Don't Care! and If you don't go there I don't care!

What can I say other than that the only thing that comes close to "Shoe" from Jeff MacNelly Website is Walt Kelly's "Pogo." Hey, MacNelly be da bomb.

The jokes, the stories, the humor, the parodies the MacKiDo

Never mind quotes of the day here are the quotes of a lifetime, and the best part is that they are Good Quotes.

Start up your chain saws and sharpen the ax, if you are a lover of fine cinema then this probably isn't the site for you, but it is certainly the site for me. Troma Film Studios.

If you are a budding Freddy Krueger, but can't figure how to get the blood out, then have I got the answer for you. First, do your homework. Starting with The Visible Human Project. Or second, begin with something a little smaller. Where, you ask? Why right here with the famous Frog Dissection Kit.

Ready for the cutting edge of Scientific Research? Well neither am I. Put science in the proper perspective with Science a Go Go Finally, science for the masses.

After you have done the book work it is time for the lab work. What better demonstration of science at its best than Pop-Tart Blow-Torches followed up by having Fun With Grapes. A word of caution: Do not try this at home. This is a task for trained professionals (or the Fire Department).

Looking for work? Nobody wants you? Well lift that chin (look to the left and right) and get your resume ready. The FBI has openings for 2 qualified candidates and if you think you have the experience shoot a message to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and wait for that knock on the door.

Want to learn a second language? Thinking maybe Spanish? No way! The language to learn for the new millenium is Klingon. Why wait, start today. Qapla'