Today there are so many possibilities.

    With old media, new media, multi-media you have so many choices but the problems remain the same. How can you make your ideas come to life.


    In recent years, with the advent of faster computers and more flexible software, new possibilities have snapped into focus. For Dennis Meyler / Visuals that possibility is combining what he knows and practices in photography with the limitless possibilities of 3D software capable of producing photo-realistic results.

    The great thing about computer generated images is that you’ll see the lights and shadows in all the places Mother Nature intended them, if only she could be there to make it happen. With 3D the limitations are the imagination but with his ability to combine computer generated images with photography, light, shadows, chewing gum and voodoo any idea can be made to happen.

    I’m sure you’ll recognize, when you see samples of work he has done for corporations, hospitals, magazines and ad agencies, your vision can be realized.

    Just remember the Purchase Order number.

    Contact information:

    Dennis Meyler / Visuals
    1903 Portsmouth, Suite 25
    Houston, TX 77098-4235

    Voice: (713) 520-1800

    email: Dennis Meyler/Visuals


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    Clients Have Included: 3M, ABB, AGA Gas, Air Starter Components, Baker Hughes, BetzDearborn, BMC Software, Browning Ferris Industries, B.T. Miller, BurrWolff, Inc., The Coastal Corporation, Conoco, Criterion, Curtin Matheson Scientific, DecisionQuest, Dowell, Energy Development Corporation, FleetPride, Gulf Pacific Rice, Henley HealthCare, The University of Houston, Information Discovery, InSource, International Designers Network (HK), Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Lightspeed Software, Lyondell Petrochemical, Mayflower, Maxxim Medical, Medical Economics Publishing, Merrill Lynch, Monex, Nabors Industries, National Medical Solutions, PaineWebber, Inc., Pepsi-Cola Food Systems, Players Casino, POP Broadcastng, Raytheon, Schlumberger, Shell Oil, Smith International, St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital, Support Management Magazine, SyBase, Texaco, TIRR, Trump Casino, Turner Collie & Braden, University of Texas School of Public Health Houston